January 2010

Gleefully Touching Third Rails

Latest article for MMORPG.com is up, where I wallow in failure.

In a player-vs-player game that focused on getting as many people as possible to fight massive battles, if too many people were in one place, the game would crash with a cryptic “SB.EXE error”. Other causes of SB.EXE errors included network instability, server instability, general instability, phases of the moon, and something you did you know what you did don’t lie.

Look, It’s All Fun And Games Until Someone Buys An Airline Ticket

Teen found after meeting his 42 year old WoW soulmate.

The teen was apparently unaware that the computer kept a log of his chats, and Ms. Kane read in horror as her son discussed meeting his much older girlfriend face to face and engaged in overt sexual discussions.

Ms. Price’s Facebook page reveals a middle-aged woman with a large collection of friends – many made online – and a degree from Texas A&M granted in 1988, before Andrew was born. Police told Andrew’s family that she had apparently struck up romantic relationships on World of Warcraft forums before, but never with a minor.

Clearly, the random dungeon group finder has gone too far.

Plus, “Elder Scrolls” Is An Awesome Name For A Blog

Eric Heimburg sets out to disagree with my 2009 wrapup, but I agree with pretty much all of it. Hah! Denied!

Gee, was WAR created by somebody who thinks people who disagree with him should be “burned at the stake”? Wait, and did that same article point out that WAR was developed primarily by inexperienced developers because they were easier to cow into obedience? Yes? Wait, literally? That wasn’t even exaggerated? Huh. And they said they hate playing other MMO’s because it “gives them ideas”? Weird. Maybe… maybe… could any of that have had something to do with the tons of newb mistakes they made? Nah. It was probably just the economic downturn.

In case you are confused by sarcasm, what I mean is the company deserved to fail due to their incompetence and they did, and anybody surprised by this is probably surprised by other predictable things, like the sun rising.