May 2006

If You Don’t Shop With IGE, You Support Terrorism!

Project Entropia announces that their Ponzi scheme sweat milking simulator now allows you to pull your money from the game via any ATM machine which does answer my question of if anyone has ever actually pulled money from the game.

Raph Koster noted, with a stupefyingly Julian Dibbellesque level of “Lord Sauron Avert Thy Gaze NOW!” fecklessness, the following:

As was once said by someone at a conference I attended, \’e2\’80\’9cvirtual item sales aren\’e2\’80\’99t yet at drug dealer money, but they\’e2\’80\’99re at terrorist money levels.\’e2\’80\’9d And what we have here, absent the level of control implicit in a bank\’e2\’80\’99s fiduciary responsibilities, is a fantastic way to launder money.

Well, yes. This would be, you know, why some of us have been roleplaying King Canute by commanding the waves of RMT to retreat from the virtual shore for so long. If you start making virtual money freely convertible, amazingly enough, it starts becoming… you know… real money! With all of its implicit problems! Who knew!

All Is Quiet, Yo

Everyone I know is getting ready for E3. I don’t have anything to show, but I’m going mainly to be social with friends and ex-coworkers. In WoW still doing MC runs (in one right now!) and drudging through Ony/BWL attunements. And yeah, I made juvenile jokes at work about the Wii like everyone else on the planet.

So yeah, not a lot to read here. I tend to write a lot on planes though, so there should be some interesting stuff next week. Or not!