March 2001


Our first step in response to players\’e2\’80\’99 concerns was posted recently. Our new and updated Naming Policy ( should hopefully be clearer, more consistent, and bring us even closer to a healthy role-playing environment. Subsequently, we will be conducting a thorough review of all current character names on all servers, including surnames and guild names. Names not necessarily in line with the updated Naming Policy will be evaluated and handled accordingly.

A quick click of the link takes you to their new naming policy. From there you may want to go to the Naming FAQ. Item a) goes a little something like this:

Offensive names: This includes rude, profane (swear), or vile words. It also includes racial slurs, sexually offensive terms, and references to the anatomy. A name that sounds like an offensive word (homonym) when sounded out will also be considered unacceptable. Commonly known abbreviations for offensive words will not be allowed. Combinations of names that result in an offensive phrase or word are also off-limits. Repeated attempts to create a character with a name in this category can result in a warning or banning, so please be mature and don’t attempt to get these through the filter. If you do make a character with a name that violates this policy the character will be deleted, and your account may be subject to suspension or banning depending on the nature of the name.

Pretty harsh punishment for a name. Now instead of just facing a name change or a character deletion (which I also thought was a harsh punishment), you may find your account banned. I am curious as to who exactly is going to decide if a name is offensive or not? Offensive is a pretty subjective term. What is offensive to you might not be offensive to me. If one player claims a name is offensive to them will the Name Police immediately spring to action and start deleting characters and banning accounts? Verant could have been a bit more clear on this.

Another thing about this naming policy doesn’t quite sit right with me is that names won’t be Grandfathered. If you made a name over a year ago and Verant now deems it offensive, watch out…you are subject to instant deletion and account banning. Nevermind the fact that you paid to play their buggy game for over a year. If you had the audacity of making a character with a name that turns out to be improper you can kiss that year of your EQ life goodbye.

Verant does all this in the name of encouraging role-playing. Yet apart from the fantasy setting how much of a roleplaying game is this actually? Sure, you can do a quest and kill some uber MOB and get a nice item or something. And then you can do it again next week. And the week after that. Verant would do better to just say that they are going to control names the way they see fit, rather then hide behind the role-playing banner. It would at least be more honest.


With nothing horribly controversial happening in the world of ORPGs this week (with the possible exception of petition bannings and illegal spaceship exploiting), some things are written about that are a bit tamer in comparison.

The British (see above) don’t seem to like it when other sites write about the same topics. have on a few occasions been rather slow in posting news reports about ultima related stories, in some cases the posts have given me reason to think they have taken information from other pages such as mine and posted their own version of events based upon nothing more than what I or other pages have wrote.

Plagiarism?? no I wouldn’t go that far not in most cases, rudeness I would say, taking information and not linking it back to where they got it from seems to be common practice there. I was told to not be so silly by Arcadian of LTM and offered a explanation I accepted on one occasion. However if you care to note my faction post a few articles down, and also note I am the only web site to of posted this sort of information about the kill point system as it is my own personal views on a situation. Then visit Lum the mads page and read their article posted a few days after my own. A rather similar post wouldn’t you say??? one that states views of his own I agree that was wrote by him self again I agree, however it is rather funny how he posts it days after I post identical content.

Again I would let this pass this and forget it but I posted a short post on the lum board saying “umm slow on your reports I posted a identical article days ago at uochat” then gave my views on the discussion and situation, I was banned from his forums and my post edited.

I here by accuse Arcadian of LTM of plagiarism and theft, he stole the article then banned me from the forum for pointing it out and trying to show the original post on this here site, my post still stands and is in fact dated, his post again stands and is dated, judge for yourselves.

Because, remember, before UO Chat came along, there was nowhere else we could have possibly gone to find news about a game.

Is it possible UO Chat is biased? Possibly. Observe the following e-mail sent to us two weeks ago from our friend, Sion:

Normally I would e-mail this to Arcadian. However he has blocked all my in coming mail’s as “I am no friend of his” (I am hurt beyond repair and have had to under go hours of intensive counseling to over come this major set back). Thought you might like to know one of you old friends Terrorist of UO prostitute will be writing on as of yesterday, and has sworn to show you guys down there nothing but love.



Trolling for hits. Trolling for hits. I do not know why Arcadian blocked Sion. I imagine it is because Sion and friends are gimps.

The fact of the matter is this. The instant any story regarding Ultima Online hits, Sion immediately sends an e-mail. Why? I suspect so he can make accusations like the above. Regardless of the fact there are a billion other sources of UO News, Sion seems to think any article written about UO must have many gratuitous links to his page.

Another fact is that Arcadian has blocked Sion\’e2\’80\’99s mail, and the rest of us don\’e2\’80\’99t read it. Why? See above. The boy is a gimp.

However, let me repeat myself. Any and all Shadowbane news reported anywhere must include a link to Preferably with my name, Eldin, written in large, bold letters immediately following said link.

If not, you are plagiarists.

And I will tell my mommy on you.


There is this article on MSNBC about MMORPG’s. MSNBC has discovered this ungainly acronym and makes a big deal about it somewhere in an article almost as ungainly as the acronym itself.

Naw not really. Well they devote a sentence to it or something. Actually the article is pretty cool for an article that should have been written about a year ago. Um... you know maybe you should just go read the thing for yourself. I think I stopped making sense about an hour ago. But hey! How about that quote from Tyrant. Nifty huh?

And there’s a line in there about EA making a Harry Potter game that I was going to make a big deal about but decided not to. Hence the title of the thread. Deal. I’ve had a rough day.

HE HATE ME [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

First of all, it’s HehlafLOL, get it right.

It’s my mule char. Just me, one guy. Let me begin by correcting you…..

First of all, the topic if your post, “CLIMBING THE FACTIONS LADDER ONE MACRO AT A TIME ” is just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I have no idea who you are as I don’t pay attention to these little flames normally, but I just had to correct you. Every player who joins factions starts with a score of 0 and has a measely 6 points to offer. You can only join a faction once a week with that account. So what would that take…..about 400 accounts to get to how many points I have? I guess now you realize you are wrong, I’m assuming you didn’t know there was a -6 cap before you are insignificant, which honestly shocks the shit out of me. I mean, you have the audacity to post this crap and you don’t even know the way points work yet?

“So people like the creatively challanged “HehlafLOL” will create multiple faction participants and then proceed to slaughter them repeatedly. I’ll even go as far as to accuse this particular player of using unattended macros in order to attain such an obnoxious number of kills as two thousand plus”

That being said, let me explain to you how I have so many points, and why I do what I do, and give you a little background. Been playing on Chesapeake since day 1 of the shard’s opening…have always been a pretty well-known pvper. I tend to solo alot, or go around with perhaps 1 mage or so to help me out, and I enjoy being in the underdog faction, which gives me more oranges to kill. I have never used an illegal 3rd party program, as I greatly enjoy Ultima Online and would not be so stupid as to risk being banned, knowing very well that cheating WILL eventually get you banned. About 90% of Chessy faction players know who I am, and although some won’t admit it, they know I’m good and have killed every SINGLE player who is not in Council of Mages (My faction) at LEAST 2 times. (Bold comment, eh? Read what I just wrote a 2nd time. I assure you, it is accurate)

I was the Commanding Lord of CoM on Chessy for about 6 weeks straight, have been busy lately and did not have time to run for office for this past election, but I’m going to for the next one. I have a few accounts, and play a mage, a warrior, and a thief – and almost every faction player on Chesapeake knows the names of my characters.

Anyway, a few weeks into factions, I was up to about 500 points with my mage (I use both a mage and a dexer to pvp)…..and I lost connect in Brit. Lost 50 points. 50 points being more points than 95% of faction players have to their name, is lost to a disconnect. Thought to myself, “Hmm…some day I’ll be at 1000 points…..and I’m gonna lose 100 points to a disconnect? NAH” (I’m on an aDSL connect which pings good (about 50-60 0% pl) during non-busy hours and decent (80-100 with a little packet loss) during busy hours, but unfortunately it completely loses connection at LEAST 1 time a day, and I play UO alot so of course it happens when I’m soloing in Brit…..) Bam, idea dawned on me, let me store these points on a mule until they change the percentage of points that are lost when your score is high. I will explain this further in a bit. Anyway, I generally play a few days, rack up about 200 points, and transfer them to HehlafLOL by finding a wandering healer in the middle of nowhere and killing myself about 10 times real quick, knocking me down to 40 points or whatever. A GM asked me about my point storer, I explained to him what I do, he said it’s no problem, he was just curious. If a GM ever told me that he doesn’t want me to continue doing this, I would stop doing it before he could finish his sentence.

Ok, now about MY proposal (one that is actually meaningful) :

The percentage of points lost should go down as your score climbs. For instance, you should lose perhaps 10% of points up to 200, and then 9% of points up to 300, …..something along those lines, and roughly 2% when you are at 1000 points. I haven’t given it much thought as far as numbers go, but you get the idea. This way, when you are at 1000 points and you die to perhaps a disconnect or a lag out, you DONT lose an INSANE 100 points, you lose about 20. 20 is perfect: It makes the receiver damn happy, and you don’t have to go jump out a window when you login as a ghost and your score is now down to 900. See what I’m saying? Do me a favor and e-mail your UO Dev team buddies such as Calandryl with this proposal. In fact, do me an even BIGGER favor, and post the text of this email on the Lum main site to clear up many, many people’s rumors regarding me. It is not a faction dump, it is not a guild dump, I don’t sit in healers res-killing all day, and I don’t continuously join a faction with multi accounts. Every single point on HehlafLOL was earned from a True Brit, Shadowlord, or Minax on Chesapeake. Everyone who is reading this, please read that AGAIN.

Thank you for your time.

The very next email came from a former member of the UO Live Team who shall remain nameless:

Funny. The original design called for a tracking system that actually

denied points for killing the same player more than once over a certain amount of time, in order to avoid that very thing. I’d be suprised if they didn’t implement something like that (and a max tally per victim as well).

I tried to find out whether or not the current Factions Design has some sort of trap as indicated above and the response was a collection of shrugs.

One last spoonful of green text. At the risk of sounding like a Joshua Rowan controlled UWOO email group, Animal had the following to say on our boards regarding the way factions allocates and handles “pips”:

Actually your dead wrong on this one Arcadian. I play on Chesapeake and hehlaflol is a guild’s character for storing points. If you knew anything about points in factionsm you would understand that you can not go under -6 points. So after you get rez killed 6 times, when you have zero points, you cannot get anymore points from killing that person. The person with -6 points must kill someone with points in order to go up from -6. There is no way at all to macro points. So basically all this guild is doing is having all of the guild transfer their points to the char hehlaflol by saying ” I honor your leadership.” Maybe next time know before you talk about someone.

Dead wrong.

I see the piles of Arcadian corpses at the Britain Healer Hut and somehow those words are all too accurate.

I appreciate the comments from HehlafLOL and I’ll take his word that there’s nothing more going on here other than collecting up faction points on a mule character – but even doing that is an action I find to be a bit “twinkish”. For those of you who play Warhammer 40,000 – I offer the word “Cheesy”. If the problem does not lie in “farming points” then perhaps something might need to be done about the transfer of points. The question that immediately comes to mind is, why can you even transfer these points in the first place?* If you know, and you don’t write me an email using your feet, I might share it with everyone.

*if you’re already emailing me, the joke is on you.