December 1999

THE TOP TEN DISAPPOINTMENTS OF 1999 [Author: wirehead]

You’ve seen Jinx’s history of the Year That Was, now here’s my pithy Top 10 list of things we’d be better off forgetting.


When it first was announced, it seemed as though it were the Holy Grail of UO – a shard designed to attract the best and the brightest, with as few artificial restrictions as possible to get in the way of player versus player. Then, even before it began, in a misguided attempt to stave off macroing, Origin began tinkering with the basic ruleset (first making the most basic skill usage eat stamina, then implementing Rate over Time) – moves which made the main target audience for Siege (rabid PvP powergamers) throw up. As Siege progressed, those who weren’t in hardcore PvP guilds were eventually driven away.

Siege still has a large and thriving PvP community – but it could have easily been much more.


Speaking of tinkering with the basic ruleset, Everquest’s dev team has managed to piss off literally every class in the game. Well, Rangers haven’t been nerfed yet. Then again, the designer plays a Ranger. Think there’s a coincidence? Despite happy, Orwellian announcements of “enhancements” to each class, the only class that has really seen a net benefit to its playability has been the Warrior (which, before the changes, was completely subsumed by the Ranger and Paladin classes). Druids saw their ability to kite their way through levels taken away. In the process Necromancers had their main offensive weapon (DoTs) nerfed as well. Rubicite armor (the major high-level armor upgrade for almost all classes) were taken away and replaced with class-specific quests. Warriors and Rangers could get theirs done in an hour or so. Clerics might be able to get theirs in a month of camping. Rumor has it there’s still a Paladin somewhere trying to get his.

Combined with, until recently, an almost open hostility to the Everquest community (Verant recently hired an Online Community Coordinator who is trying his best to imitate Calandryll, albeit with somewhat more of a chip on his shoulder) half the game in EQ seems to be divining which class the dev team thinks you should play.


Great game system. It would have been nice if they packaged a game with it.

While many folks do enjoy AC in its current state, the fact of the matter is that AC is incomplete. The world is empty (new players can often be seen wandering around the newbie spawn points wondering “what now?”), the creatures are basically palette-shifted versions of 5 or 6 models (yes, you are still fighting drudges at level 40), the much-vaunted plot is non-existent to most players, and the basic elements of world persistence – player housing and crafting – are “due to be patched in later”.

Another one that could have easily been much, much more.


Whether or not you thought his UO site hurt the game (and yes, I think it did), Origin/EA’s lawsuit was chilling in its implications. If Stratics had posted the UO2 files, one suspects the lawyers would not have descended upon them with quite as much venom in their beaks. The fact is that Origin saw an opportunity to shut down a site that had been a thorn in their side for over a year, and took the shot.

One only wonders which site is next in the sights. (*You see Lum ducking for cover*)


You’d think that staffing customer support with the same guys who actually play the game would be a good idea. UO and EQ are test cases that show that this is not always a good thing. UO’s GM staff has made some profoundly stupid mistakes (such as deleting buildings of players they don’t like very much), although recently they have shown signs of improvement. Thankfully, the EQ GMs and guides are stepping up to the plate to provide more tales of customer abuse that you enjoy so much.


In a class all its own, UO’s jihad against its own userbase ranks, well, number 5 in the list of stupid things. Instead of actually changing the skill system so that it was no longer profitable to “macro” skill usage unattended, OSI decided it would just be simpler to ban everyone who tried. The result showed both UO support and the UO playerbase at their finest, as GMs spent most of their time answering calls from players “narcing” on their enemies in hopes of getting them banned.

If I had to pick one decision to make that would most fuck with UO, telling the GMs to ban everyone they see macroing would be up near the top of the list.


“No, really, PvP in EQ can be cool! You see, let’s organize all the players into armies! It’ll be fun!” Unless, of course, you don’t see the fun in res-killing, zone-killing, naked magery, and all the other things that make Tallon Zek the least populated server in any ORPG.


From just taking the shards themselves down, to more selectively just deleting the houses of people they didn’t like, the players of UO proved that they can be a greater nemesis than any GM could ever hope to be. While some of the blame undoubtably falls on Origin for releasing such a patchwork client, the fact remains that there remains a hard core of idiots who get their jollies out of ruining your online day.


There’s this thing called the Internet, and some days it just sucks. At any given moment, out of the 3 ORPGs I have accounts with, at least one, and sometimes two are unplayable due to monstrous lag. Whether it be step-step-freeze in UO, watching the packet loss number reach 100% in EQ, or walking through sludge in AC, lag is the one undying constant that is the most irritating factor in any online game. Well, except for…


No, Richard, the corruption of an environment is not “cool”.

The worst excesses of every online game can be traced to one word – eBay. The worst customer support incident? GM Darwin, creating shake and bake towers and gold for resale on eBay. The worst player scandal in UO? Guilds that dupe gold for resale on eBay. The worst playability problem in EQ? The item farmers that block every lucrative camp so that they can sell the proceeds on eBay.

This is the problem that ORPGs need to stare down in 2000. As long as items or property or skills are so rare/difficult/impossible to obtain that an obscenely high real world value is attached to them, those that see an opportunity to make a profit will do so – to the detriment of those who simply want to play the game. And those who simply want to play the game will find games to play that don’t involve competing with those who see them as a brilliant career move.


Tradespot (formerly the UO Market) continues to be a lightning rod for criticism and controversy. Here’s some words from one of its founders, Zamboni Driver.

Howdy all, Zamboni Driver here (no, not one of the 146 fake Zamboni Drivers who are trying to steal your gold, the real one).

I’d like to take this opportunity to reply to some of the allegations against Tradespot that have appeared in the fora on this site. Here are the allegations, as I understand them:

(a) Tradespot is full of greedy bastards out to make a buck any way we can;

(b) Certain members of TS staff are low-life scammer doodz who should be drawn, quartered and fired from TS (not necessarily in that order); and

(c) TS doesn’t always respond well to the needs of its customers.

Here are my responses:

(a) When I started in the merchant website business (waaay back with The Trading Post, the precursor to UO Market and Tradespot), the website was pretty much all buy/sell ads for UO items. There was no housing resale market (no house ownership yet), there was no ebay market for UO (aside from duping, there wasn’t enough of a gold supply in those days to support gold sales for cash) and life was simple.

Well, The Trading Post merged with UO Market (when our host site, got hacked and we lost all our files) at just about the same time that the big housing patches went in and all of a sudden there was a housing sales boom. Some of us at UOM identified a big problem with the market – there was no way to do secure trades. So, those of us who had already established a reputation in the community started to do some third party brokering – we’d act as the middleman on deals for a fee (5% of the value of the trade). At the beginning, most trades were pretty small – even towers were selling for around 2M gp or so (now that’s the average price for a legally placed large brick and it’s almost impossible to buy a tower except for $ sales).

Over time, as the brokering service became more heavily used, we added a Broker FAQ to TS to explain to people how to safely conduct trades with a TS broker. To my knowledge, NO ONE who has ever used a TS broker and who has followed the correct procedures has been scammed.

I have brokered well over 1500 trades. Yes, I’ve made a lot of gold doing so – there’s no denying that fact and, quite frankly, no reason to do so. Without exception, all of my clients were happy to pay the fee (which is, by the way, less than 5% on big deals) for the security of a safe trade.

Keeping that in mind, I have been one of the biggest and most vocal proponents of a secure house trading system (check out my latest rant at Zamboni’s Wish List.) Our goal when we started to broker wasn’t primarily monetary (although the gold was a nice side effect) – it was to help players. I’m not claiming to be a tree-hugging-love-thy-neighbour-altruist, and I’m sure the hard boiled among those who read this spiel won’t believe me, but that’s the simple truth.

(b) I’ve always maintained an open in-box policy. If anyone has concerns with a TS Broker or staff member, that person is encouraged to email those concerns to me at I always investigate the complaint fully and report my findings to the

That said, people should understand that the benefit of the doubt goes to TS staff – people who have been chosen based on their reputations and their friendships with other TS staff; however, benefit of the doubt means just that – it does not extend to an assumption of innocence.

To date, no one has made damning accusations against Pucky (the TS Broker who’s at the centre of most of the controversy) that have been backed up by evidence. Until someone presents us with evidence that Pucky has scammed other players or duped in UO (an accusation that he’s been cleared of by OSI), he will continue to be welcome as a TS Broker. TS will not serve up Pucky’s head just to placate a screaming lynch mob that can present no evidence. If anyone has evidence (it doesn’t have to be written proof – verbal evidence is welcome) that he or she would like to submit, please do so.

(c) On this last point, I’m forced to agree with some of our accusers. TS hasn’t always been fast enough in responding to the needs of our users. As TS has grown (far beyond our original expectations), we’ve made some questionable calls and expanded too quickly to keep up with the additional work. The area of TS which has suffered the most has been the Banner System – we didn’t have a clear chain of responsibility for the Banners and consequently, when problems arose, everyone assumed that someone else was looking after them.

As we continue to expand, I’m sure there will be other problems – we never claimed to be (even close to) perfect. We’ll tackle those obstacles as we come to them, making mistakes along the way, but doing our best to serve the UO community.

I hope that answers a lot of your questions about TS and recent events. As I mentioned above, I’m always happy to chat about events at TS, in UO or in the world at large – feel free to drop me a line at

Happy Trading!


Been busy today. Apparently so has everyone else, it’s been a pretty slow news day. Your choices – depending on your ORPG of choice – in this slack time are as follows:

– UO: Pester Calandryll about when the six month plan will be done. Don’t take “in six months” for an answer. Go rabid!

– EQ: See if you can set a record on number of hours camped for a single item (I believe the current record is 913 hours for Mitty’s golden ring)

– AC: Lookit da pwetty snow. Then, check Azile’s page to see her frothing at the mouth about that goddam son of a bitch Lum posting about AC when it’s obvious he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about.


I suspect the CoB Dev Board isn’t Y2K compliant, because an honest-to-god informative post appeared, where Runesabre, UO’s lead programmer, took the time to answer some interesting questions. In case it scrolls off the board before you get there, it’s reproduced below.

1) From practical game experience, my vanquishing collection went from 4 in approx 18 months of playing, to over 60 in 3 additional months.Would you agree or disagree that the SOS has become a blight on the magic weapon market of UO?
1a) If you agree, what are you going to do about it?
1b) If you disagree, what function does dumping large amounts of gold and items into UO serve?

1) I have personally loathed the day the fishing changes were done. If you recall, I was the one that “nerfed” the original implementation within a week after its release. I am in favor and enforcement of reasonable Risk vs Reward. Treasure hunts were a good reward but I made sure that the risks and cooperation was pretty high as well. Fishing up free loot in the form of treasure maps and SoS’s do not represent any sort of risk yet they are nearly the same rewards as treasure hunts. That of course is where the players come in. My initial “nerfings” were not met with a very positive reaction and it was decided to relax the changes slightly. I still believe fishing is way too lucrative and does nothing but present a thorn in the economic side of UO.

2) What incentives do you plan to offer in the future for people not to own a house?
2) That seems to me like asking what incentives am I going to provide for players to stay as a newbie. Owning a house is one of the big goals players strive for just like they strive for being GM in skills. We have made adjustments to make owning multiple houses not necessary. That is why you can now place multiple vendors in one house ( as opposed to one vendor per house limits ), you can assign friends and co-owners who can have their own personal storage, and internal lockable doors.

3) What are your thoughts on gold sinks? If you like them, why don’t we have more of them in the game? If you dislike them, then why?

3) Of course I want gold sinks. Their time allocation has not arrived yet in the whole scheme of things.

4) What are your thoughts on starvation? I’m confident that eating could be done in such a manner that it wouldn’t be any more annoying than having to buy regs. Assuming you could, on a 1-10 scale, 10 being the highest, where would you put starvation as a priority.

4) I think Cooking has the potential to be just as fun and important to UO as Blacksmithing and Magery despite its current lack of luster. I have many ideas for Cooking but again its time has not been prioritized like so many other things we would like to do.

5) Do I actually have a Guaranteed Tower ™ waiting for me in these new lands, or is that just a myth? It sure seems like everyone says there’s going to be one there for each of them. What are you going to do for the highly disenchanted have-nots of housing after the “new land” patch?

5) Did someone say that everyone was going to have a tower? I am sure you realize that is a tad ludicrous and I doubt anyone seriously believes such a rumor. There will be significantly more housing, though, so those who have never had a chance to own a house can certainly expect their chances to be much much higher at owning one in the near future.

6) One of the worst things that can happen in UO, aside from being hacked, is to be scammed out of large sums of gold for a house. When, oh when, is secure house trading coming? Also, what about house swapping, as, with no gold sinks, it’s hard to get someone to give up a house when you don’t have a house already.

6) Its one of the top priorities.

7) You said many moons ago that stat advancement was troubling. What progress have you made on that front? Have you guys considered stat locks until you get a better solution? They can’t be anymore out of context than skill

7) If you work with skill locks enough you pretty much have stat control. You know which skills raise which stats so I don’t see stat locks being all that necessary. But, the real reason stat locks do not exist is it would go against the idea of if you want certain skills you get their associated stats. You can’t have everything just the way you want it. 🙂 You can’t gain snooping and avoid the dex or anatomy and avoid the int gains. If you want the skills you have to have the stats that go along with those skills.

8) You asked for input about hard-to-raise skills. After the input, what did you learn, and what potential solutions do you have?

8) Check out raising skills on Test Center right now. All skills that are non-difficulty based have been adjusted so that they raise both at low levels AND high levels. That was something I put in last night ( along with all the other latest developemts ) when Test Center went down a few times.

9) The basis for murder count decay timers was on the accepted fact that people macroed. Now that macroing is illegal, what are your thoughts on changing the decay concept, for those that were playing by the rules, then the rules changed?

9) The additional timers were put in because it was realized that 8 hours to wear off kills was not enough of a deterrant and not just for those with multiple accounts or those who macro.

10) What are your thoughts on purchasing skill training at high levels for certain skills? Not only would it curb macroing, but it would also act as a gold sink.

10) Its been brought up… as has been the side effect of “instant” characters by those who have more gold at their disposal than they will ever need. To stave off the abuse, the amount of gold it would cost would have to be so extreme that very few players would ever benefit.

11) Is beeswax a precursor to bow repair?

11) One of the designers is working on something related to beeswax but I forget what at the moment.

12) PvP balance is a touchy issue. From my perspective, you guys won’t touch PvP because it would be time consuming to balance it, and you guys don’t have time. Is this an accurate interpretation?

12) I would personally love to overhaul PvP in UO. Despite the fact its better than it has been in any time in the past, it pales to what I can envision PvP being. My goals are always for true, viable diversity as opposed to lots of choices but only a couple real true options for PvP. ( For instance, do I be a Tank Mage or a Dex Monkey? ). I want to see a lot more rock/paper/scissors related to PvP, I want to see all the weapons have their unique purposes depending on the situation, more choices and ramifications to using different types of armor ( leather armors could be more arrow repellant while plate tends to snuff magical ability for instance ). We have made a lot of tweaks here and there. One of the things that makes messing with PvP are all the side-effects one change can make. PvP is a web of interdependencies so there is rarely any true “I can fix/change this and bring everything into line” because in changing one thing you end up changing a lof of other things. Its come to where I believe you can’t make just a couple magical tweaks and make PvP more balanced like we have in the pasy and most likely it would just be only slightly different and overall more of the same. I would like to see PvP have a complete scale of choices and tactics but such an endeavor would require much more than a couple tweaks and hope things stay balanced. So yes, time is one of the big factors for holding PvP changes back.

13) What is your view of
balanced PvP system? One in which mages/archers/meleeers/tamers/bards/etc all have an equal chance of winning, or is it a group dynamic?

13) Pretty goes with #12.

14) Tamers have a few built-it checks on their targeting so that they don’t have to wait for the skill cycle to re-tame. How hard would it be to give this to bards?

14) No real thoughts.

15) The whole point to karma is as a role playing tool. It was stated as such back in the days of rep. However, to PvM and to have low karma are counter to each other. Any thoughts on a karma lock? Any thoughts on a “i kill monsters for pleasure” toggle so that we can kill for fame and not karma.

15) Karma is like stats… its not really an option you choose. If you kill monsters then you gain karma. If you do “bad” things you lose karma. What really needs to happen is more choices of “doing bad things” that will raise your fame but lower your karma that are equal to killing monsters. Perhaps more “good” creatures that still carry loot and such.

16) A looooooooong time ago, showing one’s title was turned off, as a way, if I remember right, to make being a dread lord tougher, as you couldn’t tell newbies from experienced players. UO is VASTLY different now, yet we still have this legacy hold over. Any thoughts of simply turning titles back on for all? If no, then why does one’s ability to cast EV determine if you show title or not. You -have- to be a mage to show title, wouldn’t you agree? If not, instruct me on how to show title without casting a spell.

16) Yes, just haven’t gotten around to it yet

17) When in the 12 month timeline are you guys going to fix the house placing code?

17) You can try it out right now on Test Center.

17b) Is a house with a basement that is placed by clicking the deed, clicking the land, and having a house appear an illegal house or not?

17b) We don’t have any houses with basements do we?

18) What are your views on the rare item market? Are you sympathtic to them, or do you want to put them out of business by making everything craftable. Where do you stand, on a 1-10 scale, 1 meaning you actually want to take some craftables out, 10 meaning you want every piece of art craftable.

18) Its not as cleancut as don’t touch anything considered rare or make it all available. Some things ( like silverware ) should be craftable and I would say its not fair that they would be left as rare ( hence they became craftable ). We do not go out of our way to purposely screw the rares market and are more attune to it now.

19) On a “rare” item note, can you PLEASE delete all “a scrolls” from the game when you fix this bug? I don’t want to hear this advertised as a rare item like no draw tiles. Heck, can you delete them too?

19) *chuckles* Personally I like the whole dynamics of things being considered “rare”. Which would you prefer time spent creating more gold sinks or time spent deleting “a scroll” items? 🙂 As with all things it boils down to time, priority and who is available to do the development.

20) As I’ve stated before, I think monster death will backfire, by putting more vermin in the dungeons than you can throw a stick at (see my attached pic, do you want to fight that?!?!?). How far along do you see a dungeon re-themeing taking place (if it’s on the horizon) and if it does come along, will we, the playerbase, get a say in how it goes. For example, despise used to be a pretty good dungeon, now it’s almost deserted. Is maximizing the playability of all dungeons a goal for you guys? (easy yes answer there).

20) Of course we want dungeons playable. Again, it comes down to … well you heard that before.

TYRANTS NEVER SLEEP [Author: wirehead]

Tyrant decided to spend Y2K on our gimped message board. Here’s some excerpts.

Housing normally decays for people who leave the game (for any reason, including bannings). For the large exploiter bannings done recently we specifically deleted the housing and contents, with a couple of unfortunate exceptions. In the future, expect people banned to have the related possessions deleted in total rather than waiting for decay to occur.

People should not get new accounts after being banned. We no longer want their business and they will be banned again when discovered. Expect a lot of this activity early next year.

I heard you say on one of the Battle Vortex shows that you don’t ban people that get new accounts after being banned, because some people change their ways (like me – I’m such a good boy).

We will grant amnesty for some previously banned people dependent on their current record and previous offenses.

Account hackers, exploiters and racists are not welcome at any time in Ultima Online.

P.S. Don’t ask for details, I’m not giving any. 🙂

WARNING [Author: wirehead]

It’s Bug Warning Day. A VERY serious one now for EQ. I will NOT be posting the details on how to do this but it is rapidly becoming common knowledge in the xpl0it3r community.

It works, like most ORPG bugs, in conditions of extreme lag. Basically you can lose control of your character while you are zoning. The obvious answer would be “don’t zone”… this may be unrealistic. Unfortunately I know of no other way to prevent this bug from taking effect. I will say that it requires the victim to zone a great deal and may not be 100% effective. Of course, if it’s a character you value, it only needs to happen once.

If you get a note that someone else is logged into your character when trying to log in, your character has been stolen and the thief is NOW ONLINE with it. Hopefully you can go into EQ Chat and get the attention of a GM (yeah right) or log in another character and get the attention of an online GM (yeah right).

I have confirmation from an EQ guide that this bug is real and Verant does know about it. Will they do anything about it? Haven’t the foggiest. Until then, be careful out there.

WARNING [Author: lum]

Origin is now tracking and banning anyone who tries to use the “using two scrolls” bug. One person claims they tested it once just to see if it still works (it doesn’t) and was banned the next morning.

Details are in this thread.

Again, do not try to replicate this bug. Your account will be banned.

This is a new procedure for UO — not only fixing a bug, but tracking down and banning those who try to use it afterwards. Sounds like life is getting rougher for those who like short cuts.


Brad McQuaid, Everquest’s designer, posted the following response to questions of eBay sales:

> Just sell players the items. You already have their credit card info. Just
> add a button to the server selection screens that says “Aradune’s Equipment
> Shop” or something where players can do a little online shopping for that
> executioner’s axe or ghoulbane or SMR or FB earring.
> Talk about increased cash flow…

I agree that games should either embrace real money transactions for in-game goods (and thus be built from the ground up with that in mind) or forbid it
(like EQ).

> Doesn’t fit your idea of how the game should be?

No, it doesn’t — personally I don’t think it’s fair and I think it disrupts the immersiveness and integrity of the game. Others disagree.

> Then why allow players to
> do it?

We don’t — it expressly forbidden as per our licensing agreement and we’ve also posted messages reminding our players of the problems associated with such transactions. That said, we lack the resources to police the internet.

I guess they also lack the resources to fix their own game so that people aren’t fighting over rare spawns like airline passengers trapped in the Andes with no food but each other…


Roebin Soultaker, KEG’s favorite warrior, sent this in to me. While it doesn’t actually refer to KEG as he alluded (and in fact, as several KEGgers pointed out, most of what drops on the dragons and planes is no-drop anyway. Oh, and Roebin also sent in several screenshots of a KEG member telling him they accepted master card or visa for efreeti boots. Roebin is somewhat unfamiliar with what you or I call sarcasm, and thinks that I haven’t posted it because I want to join KEG. I am not making this up.) it does show that SOMEONE is making a good living at this stuff.

If Verant has any moral compass whatsoever, they will abandon all pretense of a player-based economy at higher levels and simply make all unique magic items nodrop. Anything else is simply surrendering to the kind of corruption described in the folio below.

The following was sent, apparently by accident, to someone who doesn’t even play on that server (a pretty new one, The Tribunal)

Hello Everquest Fanatic,

Thank you for your enquiry for Items and Platinum on The Tribunal server.

Today’s update to the item list adds another couple of nice items, most notably a Mithril 2Hand Sword, the ultimate 2Hand weapon. I expect these to sell by tomorrow night (I have 2 available, and I know they will 🙂

Other nice additions:

Brown Chittin Protector
Djarn’s Amethyst Ring
Wolf Fur Slippers

I could not believe the demand for the Executioner’s axes and although I dont have one on the list, I expect to have one for sale sometime over the next few days. Let me know if you are interested. I also have a Flowing Black Silk Sash (haste sash) and I am looking for around $600 for this. Call if interested.

As usual, a couple of things to note:

1. First in best dressed. The item list is quite extensive but quantities are most definitely limited.

2. We do not item hunt. What is on the list is what we have for sale. We will be adding items to the list and sending out the update on a regular basis. We are not taken special requests at this time (although if you tell me you want to pay $1500 for a nice Shiny Metallic Robe we will reconsider =).

3. $150 minimum order. That is the minimum amount we will service and that can constitute items and/or platinum pieces.

Our current rate for platinum is:

1000pp for $140 USD OR $14 for 100pp

For example, you might want a Crasted Breastplate ($125) and some platinum. We would then supply you with the BP and around 200pp for $150 minimum amount. Our stock of platinum was very low but luckily enough for you, we have replenished it again.

For larger orders, we will offer a nice quantity discount, call for more information.

If you wish to purchase items and/or platinum, there are 3 ways:

1. Phone

You can call me direct at (503) 524-6666 anytime from 4:00pm through 12:00 Midnight Pacific Time. We can take care of the transaction while you are on the phone.

2. Email

Simply email me the following information and I will send you a tell online as soon as I have the transaction processed:

Your real name
Credit Card number
Credit Card expiration date
Character name
The approximate location of your character (eg. Freeport, etc)
Items/Number of platinum pieces you require

3. Western Union

I also accept Western Union. You can send the money to:

Paul Sinclair
Tigard, OR, 97223

Please call me before and confirm the items/platinum you wish to purchase. I will hold the items for 24 hours. Once you have the control number, either call or email me and once I confirm the money is there, I will contact you in game and we can do the transfer immediately.

Some people could not open the attached excel spreadsheet last update so I am sending out this weeks update in 3 forms, Excel 2000, Excel 95 and a plain text version.

If you have any questions, please send me a message. I really want to stress that privacy is an important factor to me and I will ensure any transaction we make is strictly confidential.

Best wishes,


PS: I run a small Internet consulting business and I operate various websites. Your credit card statement will show a charge made payable to “Elite Internet Consulting”.

Item\tab Price\tab Stats\tab URL

Adamantite Epolets\tab $40 \tab “Ac 9, Wis +7″\tab
Ashenwood Short Spear\tab $25 \tab “Piercing, Dam 6, Del 22, Haste Effect 10 Charges”\tab
Azure Sleeves\tab $80 \tab Ac 12 Weight 0.6\tab
Barbed Leather Whip\tab $15 \tab “Dam 7, Del 28″\tab
Batfang Headband\tab $20 \tab “Ac 2, Wis +3, Int +3″\tab
Black Chittin Leggings\tab $50 \tab “Ac 7, HP’s +10, Mana +10 All/All (Nice caster equip)”\tab
Black Tome with Silver Runes\tab $50 \tab “Int +4, Mana +30″\tab
Bloodstained Mantle\tab $15 \tab “Ac 6, Str +3, Sv Magic +10″\tab
Bloodstained Tunic\tab $50 \tab “Ac 13, Wis +4, Agi +4″\tab
Bone Armplates\tab $30 \tab “Ac 5, Str +5, Dex -4″\tab
Bone Legplates\tab $30 \tab “Ac 6, Sta +5, Agi -4″\tab
Bracer of Battle\tab $10 \tab “Ac 3, Dex +3, Str +1″\tab
Bracer of Woven Grass\tab $15 \tab “Ac 1, Int +3, HP +12″\tab
Brown Chittin Protector\tab $300 \tab “Ac 12, Sta +9, Agi +9, Dex +9 Druid only (Awesome Druid item)”\tab
Bull Smasher\tab $10 \tab “1H Blunt, Dam 6, Del 20, Str +2, Dex +2, Agi +2″\tab
Cape of Midnight Mist\tab $20 \tab “Ac 2, Str +5, Sv Magic 7 (Neck Item)”\tab
Carved Ivory Mask\tab $20 \tab “Ac 2, A
+4, Hp +10″\tab
Charred Boots\tab $25 \tab “Ac 6, Agi +3, Fire Res +5, Poison Res +5″\tab
Charred Guardian Shield\tab $150 \tab “Ac 10, Wis +9 (Best wisdom shield in game)”\tab
Chestplate of the Dark Flame\tab $300 \tab “Ac 19, Str +9 (Awesome Unique item on server)”\tab
Chipped Bone Collar\tab $10 \tab “Ac 4, Hp +10, Mana +10″\tab
Chitten Shell Shield\tab $10 \tab “Ac 15, Sv Poison +10″\tab
Cloak of the Ice Bear\tab $15 \tab “Ac 8, Hp +10, Sv Cold +20″\tab
Crafted Breastplate\tab $125 \tab “Ac 22, Sta +5, Hp +25″\tab
Crafted Gauntlets\tab $25 \tab “Ac 12, Str +5″\tab
Crested MM Shield\tab $30 \tab “Ac 10, Dex +6, Sv Poison +10, Sv Magic +10, Sv Disease +10″\tab
Crested Spaulders\tab $25 \tab “Ac 11, Sta +6″\tab
Crude Stein\tab $60 \tab “Sta +10, Chr +15, Effect: Minor Healing”\tab
Damask Robe\tab $10 \tab Ac 6\tab
Dark Mail Gauntlets\tab $125 \tab “Ac 10, Dex +5, Mana +50 (Awesome Paladin Gloves)”\tab
Dark Reaver\tab $175 \tab “2H Slash, Dam 20, Del 42, Effect: Steal Strength (SK only)”\tab
Djarn’s Amethyst Ring\tab $400 \tab Agi +9 Hp’s +80 All/All (Awesome Unique item on server)\tab
Drakehide Leggings\tab $50 \tab “Ac 5, Dex +5, Chr +5 (Enchanter, monk specialty item)”\tab
Drakehide Sleevs\tab $15 \tab “Ac 4, Sta +3, Hp +10″\tab
Dwarven Ringmail Tunic\tab $10 \tab “Ac 12, Sv Heat, Cold, Magic +8″\tab
Elf-hide Gloves\tab $20 \tab “Ac 4, Dex +5, Agi +5″\tab
Enamelled Black Mace\tab $50 \tab “1H Blunt, Dam 8, Del 28 (Best Cleric 1HB weapon)”\tab
Executioner’s Axe\tab $250 \tab “2H Slash, Dam 25, Del 50, Effect: Haste”\tab
Executioner’s Hood\tab $50 \tab “Ac 5, Str +4, Dex +9″\tab
Festering Cloak\tab $10 \tab “Ac 5, Mana +10, Hp’s +10, Necro only”\tab
Flowing Black Robe\tab $60 \tab “Ac 8, Sta +5, Int +3″\tab
Foremans Tunic\tab $75 \tab “Ac 10, Str +3, Wis +3, Weight 0″\tab
Gatorscale Sleeves\tab $100 \tab “Ac 6, Int +4, Hp +15″\tab
Giant Snakespine Belt\tab $20 \tab “Ac 4, Agi +5, Sv Poison +5″\tab
Gigantic Zweihander\tab $150 \tab “2H Slash, Dam 18, Del 39 (Melee favorite)”\tab
Glowing Black Stone\tab $250 \tab “Int +9, Sv Magic +10 (All casters need one)”\tab
Glowing Stone Band\tab $15 \tab “Ac 2, Effect: Serpent sight”\tab
Glowing Torch\tab $10 \tab “Ac 7, Chr +5 Lightsource”\tab
Glowing Wooden Crook\tab $15 \tab “2H Blunt, Dam 11, Del 35″\tab
Green Silk Drape\tab $50 \tab “Ac 8, Dex +9, Sta +9, Int +3, Sv Poison +15″\tab
Hollowed Bone Bracer\tab $25 \tab “Ac 6, Mana +15, Sv Magic +7″\tab
Jagged Bands\tab $20 \tab “Ac 5, Str +3″\tab
Kobold-Hide Boots\tab $30 \tab “Ac 5, Agi +3, Hp +10″\tab
Leering Mask\tab $20 \tab “Ac 3, Dex +3″\tab
Lizardscale Mantle\tab $50 \tab “Ac 5, Wis +3, Int +3″\tab
Lockjaw Vest\tab $10 \tab “Ac 12, Sta +5″\tab
Lute of the Gypsy Princess\tab $100 \tab Bard: Increases Healing song by 50% (Unique ite

m on server)\tab
Mammoth Legs\tab $20 \tab “Ac 6, Sta +3, Sv Cold +5″\tab
Mistmoore Battle Drums\tab $100 \tab Bard: increases Selo’s (speed song) by 20% (Awesome item)\tab
Mithril Breastplate\tab $200 \tab “Ac 17, Agi +15, Hp +30″\tab
Mithril Quil\tab $10 \tab “Piercing, Dam 4, Del 19, Hp +20″\tab
Mithril Two-Handed Sword\tab $500 \tab “Dam 21, Delay 40 Permenant Haste Effect (The best 2h slasher)”\tab
Mithril-Runed Tunic\tab $350 \tab “Ac 10, Sta +3, Wis +5 (Awesome Druid Tunic)”\tab
Moonstone Ring\tab $25 \tab “Str +3, Mana +30″\tab
Nightshade Wreath\tab $200 \tab “Ac 1, Int +5, Wis +5 (Best wisdom head item around)”\tab
Obsidian Bead Hoop\tab $30 \tab “Ac 2, Int +3, Agi +3″\tab
Obsidian Scimitar\tab $100 \tab “1H Slash, Dam 7, Del 27, Agi +6″\tab
Oppalline Earrings\tab $10 \tab “Ac 2, Chr +5″\tab
Oracle Robe\tab $105 \tab “Ac 9, Int +5, Wis +5, Mana +25″\tab
Petrified Erudin Heart\tab $100 \tab “AC 2, Int +5, Mana +15″\tab
Platinum Armband\tab $50 \tab “Str +3, Wis +3″\tab
Platinum Dragon Totem\tab $100 \tab “Hp +30, Mana +50″\tab
Polished Bone Bracelet\tab $25 \tab “Ac 2, Wis +3, Int +3″\tab
Polished Granite Tomahawk\tab $30 \tab “1H Slash, Dam 6, Del 26, Effect: Berserker Strenght”\tab
Pugius (Dagger)\tab $30 \tab “Piercing, Dam 5, Del 21″\tab
Ring of the Goblin Lord\tab $30 \tab “Ac 4, Str +3, Int +3″\tab
Robe of the Keeper\tab $10 \tab “Ac 8, Int +2″\tab
Rubicite Bracer\tab $100 \tab Ac 9\tab
Runed Cowl\tab $500 \tab “Ac 2, Wis +5, Int +9 (Awesome Item)”\tab
Savants Cap\tab $10 \tab “Ac 2, Int +3, Wis +3″\tab
Serpentine Bracer \tab $100 \tab “Ac 1, Dex +3, Agi +9″\tab
Sheer Bone Mask\tab $30 \tab “Ac 3, Int +3 All”\tab
Shield of the Slain Unicorn\tab $30 \tab “Ac 9, Dam 10, Del 40, Piercing”\tab
Silver-plated Bracer\tab $30 \tab “Ac 7, Sv Disease and Poison +5″\tab
Silversilk Leggings\tab $20 \tab “Ac 4, Agi +4, Hp +12 (nice item)”\tab
Skull of Jhen Tra\tab $10 \tab “Mana +20, Sv Magic +3″\tab
Staff of Writhing\tab $100 \tab “1H Blunt, Dam 9, Del 33, Chr -9, Effect: Chaotic Feedback”\tab
Stein of Moggok\tab $30 \tab “Dex +5, Int +10, Hp +10, Sv Disease +25, Effect: Light Healing”\tab
Stiletto of the Blood Claw\tab $25 \tab “Piercing, Dam 6, Del 23, Effect: Blood Claw”\tab
Symbol of Loyalty to Vox\tab $50 \tab “Ac 7, Sv Cold +7″\tab
Thick Leather Apron\tab $10 \tab Ac 8\tab
Turquoius Eyepatch\tab $10 \tab “Ac 2, Sta +2, Chr +2, Int +2″\tab
Turtleshell Helm\tab $15 \tab “Ac 5, Str +3″\tab
Wolf Fur Slippers\tab $100 \tab “Ac 2, Agi +7, Mana +20 All/All (Casters and Monks Dream)”\tab

Electrum Sapphire Earring\tab $20 \tab “Str +4, Int +2”
Electrum Star Ruby Ring\tab $15 \tab “Dex +5, Chr +7”
Gold Jasper Earring\tab $5 \tab Wis +3
Gold Amber Earring\tab $5 \tab Str +3
Gold Jaded Bracer\tab $5 \tab “Ac 2, Mana +15, Hp’s + 15”
Gold Opal Necklace\tab $10 \tab “Sta +9, Agi +6”
Gold Black Pearl Choker\tab $60 \tab “Dex +7, Agi +7”
Golden Ruby Ring\tab $30 \tab “Str +2, Wis +4”
Golden Sapphire Earring\tab $25 \tab Str +2 Int +4
Gold Star Ruby Ring\tab $20 \tab “Dex +7, Chr +5”
Gold Fire Emerald Bracer\tab $18 \tab “Str +5, Dex +3”
Platinum Jasper Ring\tab $30 \tab Wis +6

inum Carnelian Ring\tab $30 \tab Agi +7
Platinum Star Rose Ring\tab $30 \tab Int +4
Platinum Jade Ring\tab $40 \tab “Ac 4, Mana +20, Hp’s +20”
Platinum Opal Ring\tab $45 \tab “Sta +7, Agi +5”
Platinum Black Pearl Ring\tab $120 \tab “Dex +6, Agi +6”
Platinum Ruby Veil\tab $130 \tab “Str +7, Wis +7”
Platinum Sapphire Necklace\tab $130 \tab “Str +7, Int +7”
Plat Star Ruby Veil\tab $80 \tab “Dex +9, Chr +9”
Plat Fire Emerald Ring\tab $90 \tab Str +5 Dex +5