October 1999


Got this:

Notorious NPC was GM IronWill. Not that it matters. All this happened over a year ago.

I remember back when DFM started making the rounds. It was shortly after the rep patch and ‘reds’ had all but disappeared. DFM would show up at popular pvp spots (at that time entrance to Covetous and bone knight area in Deciet) kill anything in sight and take very little as far as loot– reagants, maybe potions. They came out of nowhere and then disappeared.

They were real active for a couple of weeks and then you wouldn’t see them for some time. We speculated about them a ton on the Insidious Brotherhood board. Tantrum of the IB hooked up with Notorious NPC; DFM and IB would try to get together for killing sprees every so often. The DFM did not use one hit weapons. I was killed by them once and I got to go killing with them (more like witness them killing) a couple of times and I would have noticed that.

I think most or all of DFM were onsite at Origin. We thought at first they were on a college campus or some other LAN-lab environment that was on a fat pipe because they were very fast. They had very good group tactics with little in game communication so we assumed they were either in the same room or on Roger Wilco. If DFM is going to be accused of abuse, the only abuse that I believe they did was playing onsite at Origin because their connection was a mute point. Other than that I believe they powergamed like the best of us so they could take their murderer’s out on killing sprees.

I know KillaX and his guild was an enemy guild of mine. I’m not sure if he’s trying to imply IronWill created one hit weapons but if he is, he’s full of shit. And he knows he’s full of shit.

Silk of Silk’s Tavern on Lake Superior

MORE ON IRONWILL THE PK [Author: wirehead]

SyckniS of Napa writes:

That story is utter bullshit. Ironwill used to be a member of our Guild back in december of 1997 on napa valley. We are a guild of pks but he wouldnt pk with us cuz he didnt want it to come between him and his work. We still keep in touch with him and chat. And I can 100% assure you that Ironwill didnt do that shit.


Here’s the first of, I suspect many responses to the story below, from UOSS’ Rainman. More will be posted as they come in.

In truth, I consider the statement that “PvPers are excluded from quests” to be a poorly-reached conclusion. The best events I’ve ever been too included tons of PvP, and I’ve been to several (during the ZOG/FoA story). IMO, OSI hasn’t really discriminated between the PvPer and the Roleplayer in terms of quests/events held. Yes, it is much more common to see Green Robes hanging around roleplaying cliques/circles, of that there can be no doubt.

The best conclusion for me, and I’ve stated this several dozen times, is that there simply aren’t enough quests to go around. There has been nearly nothing happening since early January of this year, and before that, bumping into a storyline quest took hours of waiting, and a quite bit of luck. In all likelihood the best reason for feeling excluded has little to do with the nature, location, and/or fiction involved with a quest, and more to do with the fact that there simply hasn’t been all that much going on. (read: NOTHING)

For those who have seen the quests given, and have noticed a tendency to shun PvP, I have a different answer…

PvP, in it’s most common forms in UO, is disruptive to the fiction most seers and IGM’s attempt to provide. PvP in UO commonly involves waiting until that person 5 steps away from you is near death, then throwing that last energy bolt and looting them. It involves waiting until someone accidentally goes grey, and then gang-banging them for their stuff. It involves a plethora of underhanded yet effective ways to relieve people of their items. This is not something that I necessarily scorn or hate. But one fact remains:

These effective (and common) tactics destroy one persons inability to simply go along with the quest, attempt to survive whatever evil is involved with the quest, and see the fiction through to the end. It instead forces the non-PvP’er to worry more about protecting themselves and avoiding becoming a potential target to the point where they cannot enjoy the fiction. For the PvP’er, this is hardly worth consideration. This is because UO to them is something akin to Tribes (not bashing Tribes, I love Tribes, I play it all the time). And there simply is no denying the fact that UO provides AN EVEN BETTER PvP experience than tribes does. UO, as has been said many times, provides the closest thing to reality when it comes to waging organized warfare than any game ever created. Yes, it involves a fantasy setting. But nowhere in any other game do you worry about where your enemies are located on a map, whether they’ve moved their ‘base’ or not, what they store in their buildings, attempting to steal what they store, etc..etc..etc.. All of that strategy combined with the down’n’dirty tactical team-based fighting that guildwars can provide makes UO probably the premiere PvP game in all of computer gaming at this point in time.

So, back to the Roleplayer… why should they have to worry about protecting themselves when all they want to do is complete the quest? I’m not going to answer that question, but I’ll leave that question there as an ample reason as to perhaps why the Interest group (perhaps subconsciously) diverted their quests away from PvP. If you want player types to mix in quests, you need some method of protecting the people who’d rather not be backstabbed from the extremely effective PK’s who’d sooner kill someone for their character name than finish a possibly boring quest themselves. Perhaps you weren’t referring to mixing player types in fiction… perhaps you were referring to fiction that was molded along the lines of PvP.

I do believe there is room for mixing the two. And as I said before, NOT ALL of the quests thus far in UO have been specifically NON-PVP… There was a huge battle against 5 heavily modified mage characters(roleplayed and PvP’ed by seers) in the hedge maze at the height of the Zog Cabal Story. Ask nearly any PvP’er who was there (and there were thousands across all the shards) and they’ll tell you that they had a good time. In fact, as a ghost, I was absolutely THRILLED when I saw a team of 4-5 guildmates actually survive (thru effective teamwork) a battle with two of these evil mages (these mages had at least 1000 in each stat). Even better, One of the final quests in the Zog/FOA story involved the summoning of several black wisps. There is a roleplaying guild on called the Order of the Ebon Skull (OES). They fought to protect the wisp (being evil), and decided to attack any player attempting to attack/kill the black wisps. What ended up transpiring was a large PvP battle fought right on the spot where the wisp was summoned, entire groups of people turned grey in the fight. It was great fun, and for the most part, noone turned red over the affair, and few people were targeted for turning grey (*you see the IGM sigh in relief*). It worked, it involved some well-roleplayed PvP, and everyone had fun…. That was nearly 10 months ago now.

It’s not because roleplayers don’t want them. It’s not because seers/roleplayers believe they play the game the “right” way. It may be because some of the seers have taken sides in the Roleplayer-PvP “war”. But if that’s the case, then I’d suggest that if the Seer’s hadn’t sided with the roleplayers, then every single roleplayer would’ve quit UO long ago. PvP’ers will ALWAYS have PvP to fall back on, Roleplayers won’t always have quests. A PvP’er can always log in, find a grey and fight it out. A roleplayer waits weeks/months for an official quest/event. A PvP’er can always find a good PvP guild with good guildwars going on, A roleplayer needs time and work and patience to even so much as run a successful WEDDING. Given those sets of circumstances, It wouldn’t be surprising to me if some exclusivism has developed. I do not believe such favoritism exists right now. I do believe that the seers are looking for “PvP-oriented” (another buzzword for you) quests just as much as the next person, but I can also tell you from all I know about the seer program… is that the Seer’s right now are just lucky they can do monster spawns. Can you imagine a Seer trying to run a large PvP quest without the proper tools? I’d guess it would be extremely difficult to prevent such an event from becoming little more than complete anarchy.

The bottom line is, the lack of PvP-oriented quests has more to do with the fact that seers have long been little more than men in green robes than they’ve been facilitators of in-game interest. Supposedly that is changing as we speak. I’ve received recent e-mail from seers who are literally jumping for joy at the limited tools they’re now being given, and the quests they’ve been able to run (all of them are basically small special monster-spawns). But I don’t think it’s a fair assessment to conclude that the Seers have turned their back on PK’s/PvP’ers. Although, with all the anti-red rules in this game, It’s not surprising that people might think that.



You’ll notice that I haven’t said much about the Green Robed Freaks, aka the Interest Program (so named because, I suppose, it’s supposed to make the game interesting). Some of the more conspiracy-minded among you have conjectured that it’s because I’m closely linked to a few people within the program. This actually is true and I try to avoid conflicting my interests whenever possible, but that’s not why I haven’t “gone off on them with a glock” yet.

The truth is that, in my widdle heart of hearts, I believe that the only thing that can save UO is the Interest/Seer program. Here’s why.

What interests me about UO, what causes it to appear more often then any other game in the stories on this site, are the communities that have formed within them. We have, within UO, several mutually exclusive communites at war with one another. And they have nothing to do with the plotline; but instead, in a much more compelling way, these people are at war with one another because they genuinely dislike, no, make that HATE one another.

I’m speaking, of course, of Roleplayers and PvPers. They play different games. But, and here is the kicker that no one ever seems to get, they don’t need to.

Except Azile. Bless her sweet psychotic heart, she got it today. Here’s an excerpt, for those of you whose browsers her site PKs…

As I am doing a lot of reading about Shadowbane and dreaming of its release, I am finding more things to say about this game that are A+. Their guilding/housing system sounds great and will add to the whole “warfare” aspect in MMORPG. Something that AC should be paying attention to is how to incorporate guilds and housing into the game. I would much rather to see guilds getting buildings/castles/keeps and yes even small hamlets and towns placed into the landscape rather than massive urban sprawl. Of course this would require a lot of in-game participation from Turbine and the GMs. Then again, from the sounds of it, Turbine plans to be involved.

Same is seen with the attitude of Wolfpack for their game Shadowbane. Something that is really needed in MMORPGs is that “involvement”. We, as players, need to feel CHANGE. And I am not talkin about new stuff. Take a little involvement in the world you created and shape a grand scheme. Make something happen. Most players could care less if Carpenters get more craftables. But evolve a plot where Trinsic rebels from British rule, is now harboring all murderers and the guards go all evil complete with functional catapults, would be a pretty intense little plot to throw us all on our asses for a few months. Can you deliver this kind of stuff? UO can’t. EQ does not seem to want too. AC *claims* they can. And Shadowbane seems to promise that this shit will be a focal point of the game.

Now here’s where I go postal on the seer program. Strap yourself in, boys, we’re going into some chop. (I’ll do an inventory on ICQ later to see how many friends I still have.)

Why the HELL are we not seeing these kinds of things happen in UO? Why in the HELL are we not seeing armies of darkness invading Britain, or Trinsic, or even Buc’s Den? UO’s strengths lie in personal interaction – combat and noncombat. Everyone knows this. So WHY THE FUCK AREN’T WE GETTING THESE KINDS OF EVENTS?

You think maybe it’s because the Roleplayers don’t want them?

You think… and maybe I’m treading on dangerous ground here… it’s because the Seers think the Roleplayers play the game the “right” way?

You think… and these are probably dangerous thoughts, but what the hell… maybe they’ve taken sides in the Roleplayer-PvP war?

You think… and hell, you don’t have to think this one, we *know*… that PKers aren’t welcome in the “events” OSI runs?

I want to know why no one in the Seer community is reaching out to the PvPers. I want to hear, from someone who actually gives a shit, why an entire part of UO is effectively locked out of the game having any meaning.

And I want to hear from you, the PvPer. Let me know what sort of events would attract you. What would cause the game to become immersive to the point where yes, you might actually buy into the ingame fiction. What would make UO a roleplaying game for YOU.

Because right now you are getting half a game. And I don’t know about you, but that pisses the HELL out of me. And you know, maybe if we scream loudly enough about it, it might reach up to some ivory towers.


Well-Rounded Entertainment has this infoslip from Activision:

An Activision executive involved with the projects told us a little more about the intersection of the company’s Internet plans and Star Trek license. And while Star Trek: Q Continuum will be an online game, it won’t be something along the lines of EverQuest or Ultima Online. Activision is planning one of those, but has yet to sign a developer. The company has held informational chats with both Verant Software (makers of EverQuest and the forthcoming Sovereign) and Turbine Entertainment (currently wrapping up development on Asheron’s Call for Microsoft), but neither company has come on board. Massively multiplayer online games are expensive propositions, so Activision’s moving a little slower than normal on this one. At best, the game (currently envisioned as an ongoing adventure) is two or three years down the road.

Note the one company that has experience in MMORPGs not listed in the above list of potential developers ruled out.


It’s come to my attention that trying to read the last update actually made some folks’ brain explode. Therefore, even though it’s been posted verbatim everywhere else, I will try to translate it into English.

About a year and a half ago on Lake Superior, there was a guild called Digital Funk Machine (DFM). They would tear up everyone they fought in PvP, but what many found unusual is that they would wear invulnerable armor and wield vanquishing weapons in battle. Occasionally one would be killed, but they would return shortly thereafter, without being slowed down by stat/skill loss.

A rivalry developed between the guildmaster of DFM, Notorious NPC, and myself. When one of my guildmembers killed him using a one-hit-killer weapon, he went nuts. For some reason, I thought this was odd.

Later I heard that Notorious NPC was actually GM Ironwill. This was confirmed when another of my guildmembers used UOE to kill him while he was hidden and was promptly perma-banned by Ironwill, supposedly with being told “you’re getting what you deserve”.

Then other stuff happened. Ironwill, or possibly Notorious, posted on message boards that I was a Nazi. I escorted some PKs who were carrying around one-hit-killer weapons when a counselor saw me and banned me. The counselors were then revised.

There then were a lot more one-hit-killer weapons on Lake Superior on Napa. Many think it’s due to a GM screwup that created these weapons. Others think they were created on purpose. There may be one-hit-killer weapons on these shards today.

Regardless, you and the other people I’ve sent this to provide a soap box for the player community, and I trust you will let everyone read this so that they can judge these events for themselves.

KillaX, formerly of HoS, LS


Submitted for your inspection, exactly as recieved:

About a year and a half ago on LS there was a group of pks called the digital funk machine [DFM] or something like that and they were these total bad mofos. Well when ever they would fight they would tear everyone up, but what was weird was that whenever there weapons and armor was idd it was all either vanq weps and invulnerability armor. So every once in a while these guys would be killed. But the next night they’d be back at it with the same characters and it seemed with no stat loss or skill loss. So in 24 hours they would macro back up all stats and skills from a 20% hit. Now I say its impossible then and impossible now. Well I had a bit of a rivalry with one of the pks named Notorious NPC. He hated me basically because I was the GM of the largest pvp guild on the shard. And we were total kewl dewds at the time. So I killed him once just with magic and it ticked him off totally, but what was worst was when a guildmember used a one hit weapon on him. He went nuts and started attacking me personally for letting it happen on most of the LS msg boards. I told him id look into it but he was never satisfied. So I eventually learned that Notorious was supposedly Ironwill. This was never confirmed but about a month later a friend of mine was banned when he killed Notorious NPC while he was hidden. My friend was using UOE. The next series of events confirmed most ppls beliefs that notorious was Ironwill. After notorious was killed ironwill came on immediately. This was around 3am CST and was back in the days when it was unlikely for GMS to be up so later, in fact no one had heard of a GM being up that late at this time. Ironwill brought my friend to the Jail and perma banned him immediately and supposedly, and I mean supposedly, said something about getting what he deserved. After this incident the DFM crew were not seen as much as usual. And Notorious stopped posting on most of the LS pvp boards. What might go against the theory that Ironwill was Notorious is the fact that 2 months later I was jailed by a counselor, this was one of the main incidents for the counselor revision. The reason I was jailed was because I was accompanying a group of pks with one who had a one hit weapon. The next day GM Ironwill released me from jail and apologized for the counselors actions and had a conversation with me through the harassment channel. After that I would talk to him from time to time through this channel. This gos against what might have been his earlier actions on the msg boards where he claimed I advocated euthanasia and the holocaust. As a followup to that story is another that went around the LS grapevine about this same time. After the weapons patch that made archery the top dog there was an influx of one hit weapons on LS and supposedly on Napa. The creation of these weapons is supposedly linked to some gm who either supposedly made a mistake and screwed up some weapon modifier that effected weapons across the shards. But one night when DFM was out pking there came back reports of the use of one hit weapons by them. So was it a GM mistake or one making one hit weapons. On this I think we will never know, but I think we must consider now that this reason for the weapons must be considered now that the current evidence, if it is true, has surfaced. The reason I sent this to you three is because you all provide a voice for the player community, and even if the three of you do not always agree you give people a soapbox to speak on. So cut and paste all you want or post the whole thing but thrust this info to the Uo community so they may be the judges.

KillaX, former GM of HoS, LS